Thursday, January 8, 2009

It Was Never Meant To Be

I have decided to re-establish sasquatch hunter as my main blog. Originally, I wanted a place to create commentary on my boring life in Milo. You know maybe if I wrote about the piddlely things I do that maybe it would be more interesting. That really isn't work'n for me. Sasquatch Hunter was originally created to document my journey across country. But, let's face it. Life is a journey. I miss writing on Sasquatch Hunter. Blaze Orange just doesn't quite seem authentic to me. Maybe because I keep hoping this is a short term deal. I just can't let Sasquatch Hunter go. So back to it I go, follow if you wish. Follow the yellow brick road, Follow the yellow brick road. Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road. If you dare, my pretty!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Escape from Milo

I actually got to leave the Milo area for a couple days. It's a good way to start the new year. Away from Milo. I hung out with my friend Mandy, on Indian Island, in Old Town for New Year's Eve. That was fantastic. I had a great time hanging out with Mandy's friends. Besides the wonderful conversations about books and music with Merrit, the posters of Johnny Depp hanging in Mandy's bedroom were my favorite part. Winona and Naya tried to convince me to walk down a dark, quiet hallway to go see that Mandy had posters of every girl's favorite heartthrob on her bedroom wall. Winona made Naya show me because I totally didn't believe them and thought they were playing a joke. To my absolute delight Mandy has not one but 4 posters of the dashing actor. Sigh! I can't wait to go back to play try their Wii. I'm dying to try it!! I spent the past several days in Portland. Ah, Portland. How I miss you!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Here's the church, here's the steeple, Open the Doors to see All the People

My only other source of entertainment in the small village of Milo is attending church. I've been to church for three weeks in a row. That's more consecutive times in the past several weeks then in the past decade. It actually is fitting as my goal for 2009 is to explore my spirituality and faith more. I thought this would be a higher reaching self-improvement goal than the typical "go to the gym more" resolution. I think being on a mountain for six months has given me time to be self-reflective. I struggle with how to practice an earthly spirituality with my Catholic foundation. I reject most of the ideologies of the Catholic church but I have to acknowledge that my adult morals and values were largely shaped by attending church and youth group every week for my entire childhood. So I figure attending church would reconnect me with my roots then I will branch out into an exploritory practice. My commentary wouldn't be complete without reflecting on the priest who exhibits suspicious behavior during his sermons. First, he never looks directly into the eyes of the congregation. His eyes are either on the floor or upturned to the heavens. I can't trust a priest who can make eye contact with the crowd. His hands are either clasped piously in front his rounded chest or femininely bent at the elbows, hands pressed upwards as though he was raising his hands to the grace of God. Are you suspicious yet? He sits behind the alter with his eyes always closed with a constant, serene smirk on his face. Is he communing with the Lord Almighty or having unpure thoughts? I will continue to attend church during my time here in Milo as it provides amusement and helps me towards my New Year's resolution.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Nightlife in Milo, ME

Tonight I attended the Penquis Valley High School's Drama Club interpretation of "The Three Musketeers: All Swash and No Buckle." Where do I begin? You gotta love a community that heckles their children when they can't remember their lines and even better, the fact that the teen-actors heckle the crowd back calling them "old" and "bald". I'm not sure if I laughed more at the cheesy humor (i.e. Porthos describ'n his ruffled shirt as "these ruffles have ridges" or "Do you smell a ham sandwich, or is that the Duke of Bucking-ham?") or their blundering (Athos taking a big nose dive up the stairs). This is the best time I've had since arriving in this little town. Good times! (OMG: this is my definition of Good Times! now-aahhhhh!!!!)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Overnight in Milo

So at 4am this morning I woke up to Kodie barking gruffly under his breath. I laid in bed wondering who was stalking our house and once again thinking we should have a gun here. I went to investigate. An empty logging truck was parked across the street from our house with it's emergency lights flashing. A dead deer laid on the side of the road lit up in the headlights of the truck. Today it is snowing steadily. I was suppose to get my car fixed but the part hasn't made it's way to central Maine. Being carless in central Maine is definately a bummer but it keeps me from needlessly wasting gas or spending money.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Deer Hunter

Steven: You get a deer?
Michael: Naa Man
Steven: C'maaan! You didn't get a DEE-E-EAH?
--The Deer Hunter (1978)
Mom and I went shopping in Banga today. It's was crazy busy. Obviously. Then we went to Winterport Winery to taste test some of Maine's fine wine. I bought a bottle of the White Pear (Dry), chardonney like, the 2003 Bronze winner of the American Wine Society. Very tasty!! Within minutes of arriving home Kodie (my Milo sidekick) started going crazy, barking like a dog possessed by the devil. A huge buck is just meandoring down the side of Rt 16 across the street from my mom's house. He stops, stares, laughs at the poor chained dog. Then sooo slowly continues his journey. Last day of the season and me without a muzzleloader. I can't truly embrace Milo, Maine without a rifle. Jesus, how do I expect to eat this winter?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Milo-a friendly town

The town of Milo is located 40 miles north-west of Bangor. Population: 1,891 + me. It is a typical small town in central Maine. The sad fact is that the downtown burned down in September devestating the tiny community. You can read about in the Bangor Daily News where I got the pic from. My mom lives at the top of the hill on route 16 that dives down into the now vacant downtown. The town's slogan is "Milo-a friendly town" which make you laugh but it's the truth according to The Mom. It's still hunting season so I literally walk from the house to the garage wearing blaze orange, hence the blog title. Kodie, the german shepard, and I walk everyday, both of us sporting the trendy orange color while loaded logging trucks whiz by. Logging trucks and blaze orange-this is life in Milo, Maine.